Scott believes visual media has the capacity to engage us in a profound way, affecting how we see the world.

Scott’s work tells authentic human stories capturing the beauty of our world both in its grandeur and in oft overlooked little details. Innovation, creativity, health, environmental consciousness, and education are the values he seeks to embody in his work.

In 2005, Scott co-founded a production company in Minneapolis, MN, focusing on action-sports content, music videos, and commercial works. 

From 2009 to 2014, he held the role of Director of Production at Bassett & Partners in San Francisco where he created dozens of videos for clients like Nike, Microsoft, Virgin America, Converse, Dell, Kaiser Permanente, Dannon, Marriott, Johnson & Johnson and others. He has managed full-time and freelance team members to complete projects with budgets from $10k to $200k+ in shoot locations throughout Europe, UK, Brazil, China, and the US.

Some of his stand-out work at Bassett & Partners include: Connecting, a short documentary funded by Microsoft; Connecting:Makers, which was the second film in the Microsoft series; and Briefly, directed by Tom Bassett, featuring creative luminaries like the renowned architect Frank Gehry.

Scott is also passionate about surfing, music, snowboarding, coffee, and time well-spent with good people.





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